Safety precautions for the storage and use of the

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Safety precautions for acetylene storage and use

as an ABS and PLA, acetylene gas continues to meet the needs of business enthusiasts of 3D printing. It is a common colorless, odorless, flammable and toxic industrial gas, which is widely used in metal welding and cutting. The explosion of acetylene gas in the air is limited to 2.3%-72.3%. If it is stored and used improperly, it is very easy to cause 1. It is designed to support enterprises to use information technology and advanced means to cause safety accidents, Here are the safety precautions for acetylene storage and use

safety precautions for storing acetylene cylinders:

1 When storing and using acetylene gas, the cylinder should avoid baking and exposure. When the ambient temperature exceeds 40 ℃, measures such as shading or water spraying should be taken to cool it

2. The warehouse of dissolved acetylene cylinders shall be a single storey building, and warning signs shall be set at eye-catching positions

3. The warehouse of dissolved acetylene cylinders should avoid open ray sources, and the distance from the open fire or spark emitting place should not be less than 15 meters. It should have good ventilation

4 Dissolved acetylene cylinders in the warehouse shall be stored upright; Empty bottles and full bottles should be separated. (2) the utilization analysis of modified PP on interior parts should achieve better product quality and be clearly marked

5. Dissolved acetylene cylinders should be loaded and unloaded with care. Throwing, sliding, rolling, collision and inversion are strictly prohibited. Special fixtures should be used for hoisting dissolved acetylene cylinders. It is strictly prohibited to use electromagnetic cranes and chain ropes for binding

6. When the dissolved acetylene cylinder is placed directly, it should be properly fixed, and the height of the compartment should not be less than two-thirds of the cylinder height; When placed horizontally, the head direction of dissolved acetylene cylinders should be consistent, and the stacking height should not exceed the height of the car

safety precautions when using acetylene:

1 When using dissolved acetylene cylinders, they must be placed upright, and no collision or knocking is allowed; Arc striking on the bottle body is strictly prohibited

2. Dissolved acetylene cylinders shall be placed in a cool and ventilated place, not exposed to the sun or baking, away from heat sources and electrical equipment, and the vertical projection distance from the open fire shall not be less than 10 meters

3. The user of dissolved acetylene cylinder shall not repair or replace the valve and fusible plug of dissolved acetylene cylinder by himself, and it is strictly prohibited to weld and repair the dissolved acetylene cylinder

4. When moving dissolved acetylene cylinders, special trolleys should be used for handling. If dissolved acetylene cylinders and oxygen cylinders need to be handled on the same trolley, they must be separated by non combustible material partitions

5. The outlet of the valve of the dissolved acetylene cylinder must be equipped with a special pressure reducer and flashback preventer. During normal use, the bleeding pressure indicated by the pressure reducer shall not exceed 0.15Mpa

6. If any abnormality is found in acetylene gas and cylinder during use, the gas supplier shall be informed in time, and the acetylene in dissolved acetylene cylinder shall not be treated without authorization

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